nfgws_educate communities


Target of the study visit: learn the experiences carried out by the National Federation of Group Water Schemes and improve the level of knowledge on possible measures they will be taken in action B1


  • Day 1 (October 22): Collection from airport … via Tullyallen GWS (a small supply near Drogheda County Louth and one of the oldest group water schemes) … to Tydavnet GWS in County Monaghan (this will hopefully include an address by Seán Clerkin, manager of Tydavnet GWs, former NFGWS National Co-ordinator and an architect of the Rural Water Programme … Tydavnet is a 1,000 household DBO scheme with both surface and groundwater sources) … staying in Sliabh Beagh Hotel (a small community-owned hotel in Tydavnet).
  • Day 2: (October 23): Collection from Sliabh Beagh Hotel and travel to Inishowen in the very north of County Donegal, visiting Bunn GWS (a 65-house supply with both spring and borehole sources, with a very strong record in Water Safety Planning) … then to South Donegal, visiting Townawully GWS an upland 100-house scheme abstracting water from a lake high in carbon and, as a consequence, has THM issues) … then to north Sligo (staying in B&Bs).
  • Day 3: (October 24): To County Mayo, visiting Killaturley GWS (a 350-house spring-sourced scheme with a strong focus on source protection … this is one of the EPA’s National Groundwater monitoring sites for the WFD … continuing to a number of DBO schemes in the Westport area that have had issues with Membrane technology but also have a joint manager and a fantastic record in working with schools, one of which we’ll visit … staying either in Westport or Kiltimagh.

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