3. Actions

The main actions to be carried out between 2013 and 2017 are as follows:

  1.  In the supply area (south of the municipality of Abegondo):
  • Create a structure for dialogue between user communities and management generated from the systematic Rural Involvement Diagnostic (A.1).
  • Conduct a hydrogeological study (A.2).
  • Analyze and evaluate the supply system (A.3)
  • Create a sustainability plan for small supply facilities (B.1)

2. Conduct a pilot for sustainable use of groundwater in a small rural community (B.2).

3. Define a monitoring plan to measure the impact of the project on environmental problems associated with groundwater bodies (C.1).

4. Develop and implement a water safety plan for rural very small supplies (B.3).

5. Define and implement a feasable model of cost recovery for autonomous water services (B.4).

6. Disseminate and promote the results of the management strategy of autonomous services proposed in Galician and European areas (D.1 and E.6).



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